Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens


Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Surveillance is the art of observing the activities of people or groups from a position of authority or power. It may be covert without your knowledge or overt, perhaps with a frequent reminder, we’ve got our eyes on you. It aims at gathering information on the work of a defender or his/her organization to prepare for an aggression or serve as a demonstration of potential aggressor’s capacity to harm with the intention to scare the defender and making him/her stop engaging in sensitive work. Surveillance is part of human history. Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens in Spy store miami o spy shop miami

The Art of War by Sun Tzu, written more than 2,500 years ago in China

The book analyses how spies should be used against the enemy. Modern technology has given surveillance new dimension surveillance can be automated using computers and extensive records of people’s activities can be kept over a long period of time.

Counter-surveillance is the practice of detecting surveillance i.e. of detecting whether you are being watched. It is also the practice of avoiding or making surveillance more difficult.

Before the computer age, counter-surveillance entailed evading agents, spies or “ears” and finding ways to communicate secretly. With recent developments such as the Internet, the increased presence of electronic security systems and databases, counter surveillance has grown in scope and complexity. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

Today, it entails nearly all our areas of work, from knowing how to delete a computerized file without leaving a trace

To avoid being the target of direct advertising agencies who have gathered information on your preference through your use of the Internet.

Counter-surveillance is also geared to reversing the effects of surveillance by taking away the anonymity of surveillance and disclosing acts of surveillance and their perpetrators. It tries to break the secret or restrictive use of surveillance records, e.g. by citizens requiring that police personnel identify themselves, questioning people suspected of watching your premises or taking part in marches and public activities to be able to identify infiltrators.

Every surveillance action is followed by an analysis of the information obtained which yields intelligence. All information obtained from counter surveillance must be analyzed by human rights defenders to gauge the degree of the threat and assess whether an action is being prepared against you. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

Surveillance in Miami Beach

Those who order that we are watched may also send operatives or members of their organizations in areas where we happen to be. They may also follow us from a distance.

In such a case, they will normally be members of an organized institution or group and will use tactics in following us so that we are not aware of it. They will thus keep a safe distance, turn and change location, vehicle, etc.

Such modes of surveillance include:

  • Watching and following on foot, by motorcycle or car.
  • Investigating and questioning our friends or neighbors.
  • Telephone tapping, interception of SMSs, stealing address books or other information found on mobile phones.
  • Determining where we are located by means of a mobile phone GPS.
  • Tracking information posted on social networks, web pages, blogs, etc.
  • Intercepting e-mails chats and calls via the Internet.
  • Stealing computers, USBs and other portable digital storage systems, external discs, etc.
  • Recording images using still photography or video cameras.
  • Gathering information by going through our papers in the rubbish bin.
Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Anti-Surveillance Equipment Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens

Anti-surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance

Including covert surveillance. Anti-surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices as well as Anti-surveillance software to thwart unwanted attempts by cyber crooks to access computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons (e.g. theft of financial, personal or corporate data). Spy store miami o spy shop miami

More often than not, Anti-surveillance will employ a set of actions (countermeasures) that, when followed, reduce the risk of surveillance. Anti-surveillance should not be confused with anti-surveillance (inverse surveillance) as the latter does not necessarily aim to prevent or reduce surveillance.

Types of Anti-surveillance

Electronic countermeasures

Most bugs emit some form of electromagnetic radiation, usually radio waves. The standard counter-measure for bugs is therefore to “sweep” for them with a receiver, looking for the radio emissions. Professional sweeping devices are very expensive. Low-tech sweeping devices are available through amateur electrical magazines, or they may be built from circuit designs on the Internet. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

Sweeping is not foolproof. Advanced bugs can be remotely operated to switch on and off, and some even rapidly switch frequencies according to a predetermined pattern in order to make location with sweepers more difficult. A bug that has run out of power may not show up during a sweep, which means that the sweeper won’t know about the surveillance. Also, some devices have no active parts, an example is the Great Seal given to the US Ambassador to Moscow which hid a device (the Thing).

Software countermeasures

Amidst concerns over privacy, software countermeasures have emerged to prevent cyber-intrusion, the unauthorized act of spying, snooping, and stealing personally identifiable information or other proprietary assets (e.g. images) through cyberspace.

Popular interest in Anti-surveillance and has been growing given media coverage of privacy violations:

  • 2013 mass surveillance disclosures (Snowden/NSA PRISM).
  • Cybercrook who captured nude photos of Miss Teen USA 2013 by infiltrating thru the webcam in her home.
  • ABC News program baby monitor hacked in the bedroom of a Houston toddler.

Human countermeasures

Most surveillance and most counter-surveillance involve human rather than electronic methods since people are generally more vulnerable and more capable of reacting creatively to surveillance situations. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

Human countermeasures include:

  • Evasion: avoiding risky locations, being discreet or circumspect, using code words
  • Being ‘situation-aware’ (looking-over-your-shoulder)
  • Leaving the area without being seen or followed e.g. getting ‘lost in the crowd’ so that followers lose contact
  • Hiding in secure locations
  • Concealing your identity

Such activities make it harder to track surveillance subjects. Following steady, easy-to-predict schedules before employing aforementioned countermeasures may make the surveillance detail complacent and thus easier to lose. Also, if you suspect your followers are working for a nation state, avoid known residences (including known associates and family).

Electronic surveillance (e.g. phone and network tracking) often accompanies physical tracking, so discard mobile phones, bank cards, identity cards and other portable computer devices as untrustworthy, and avoid contact by all conventional means (phone, email, SMS/text messages, IM etc.).

Detection of Physical Surveillance

The key to successful surveillance detection is awareness and observation of one’s surroundings, including persons and vehicles. In identifying potential operators, make note of their clothing, size, mannerisms, and facial features (including hair style & color, the shape of head & face, mustache, marks, etc.).

In particular, any distinguishing marks or features can greatly assist in retention & the ability to later identify the same individual or vehicle. Most operators will attempt to blend in and to minimize any attention being drawn to them. Colorful or odd clothing, hairstyles, etc. are a not; due to the involuntary attention they attract. Therefore, most operators will be marked by their ‘unnoticeable’ and normal appearance. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

In identifying possible operators, begin by observing those around you. Assume that all are potential operators. Begin eliminating those who have not possibilities in surveillance, in order to focus on those that are.

Keep in mind that some surveillance teams consist of persons who look as if they could not pass a basic physical fitness test; and can include old Asian ladies, fat short men, etc.

Undercover police have also infiltrated biker gangs, facilitated in part by their own personal interest in tattoos, growing their hair long, and not shaving. It is most important to evaluate what people do and their behavior, not their appearance or what they look like.

Surveillance Detection Techniques

One of the best times to detect surveillance is when a surveillance box has been established around a location. Surveillance teams are most vulnerable to detection during this phase of an operation. In some cases, they may sit for hours waiting for the target to move or appear.

Observation Posts in overlooking apartments or houses can often be identified by their apparent lack of activity, drawn blinds or curtains, or some other coverings over windows. Although they want to see out, they do not want you to see in.

In order to see out, all they may require is a slight opening for a camera lens or telescope.

Possible OP locations are from within the target location (using the method described above) as well as when leaving/entering the area. For surveillance teams, the ideal location has a good line-of-sight observation of the target’s front door and vehicle. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

The more familiar one is with their neighborhood, the easier it is to identify new vehicles & even neighbors, both of which could be potential surveillance. Sometimes, it is impractical for police to rent out apartments or use the homes of civilians. Then, use a vehicle Observation Post.

Detection of Technical Surveillance

Technical surveillance is difficult to detect, especially that involving telecommunications. A general rule in regards to technical surveillance is to assume it is always possible and to protect information as if it were subject to eavesdropping.

Even using technical countermeasures to detect surveillance devices or technologies is not a guarantee of security. Our enemy has far greater technological resources, including access to telecommunications facilities, corporations, etc. This determines our means of security against technical surveillance.

One purpose of physical surveillance is to enable police intelligence agents to plan physical break-and-enters in order to put in place technical devices. Special entry teams may first break into a residence, workplace, or vehicle and photograph interior walls, fixtures, layout, objects, etc. They determine the best locations and types of devices you want or need.

They then leave, prepare the devices, and return industrial espionage and electronic eavesdropping surveillance is growing at a phenomenal rate.

This growth has created new demands for eavesdropping detection devices, bug detection, wiretap detection equipment and other TSCM counter surveillance products and bug sweep services. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

Surveillance equipment can be an effective technique to protect public safety and detect or deter criminal activity. Surveillance equipment is increasingly being installed; inside and outside of public buildings (in elevators, hallways, entrances, etc.); also, on streets, highways, in parks and public transportation vehicles.

One of the most versatile and important skills any investigator can possess is surveillance and the use of equipment for this purpose. Communications skills involving interviewing and report writing; are criticals investigative competencies.

The primary skill used in surveillance is the power of observation, which always precedes reporting.

Surveillance, being such an important part of the investigation, is a vital topic. It is important for investigators to understand when surveillance is a need, the objectives of surveillance, the stress it brings, and ethical/legal concerns about it.

Depending on the type of investigation, there are many reasons why surveillance equipment can be beneficial.

The objectives of surveillance will vary from case to case, but are most often one or more of following:

ƒ Obtain information for a search or warrant

ƒ Locate a subject, contraband, or the site of illegal activities.

ƒ Obtain intelligence about a subject, criminal group or location

ƒ Prevent a crime from occurring through covert or overt surveillance.

ƒ Gather intelligence for a raid

ƒ Provide protection for informants, undercover individuals or others

Surveillance detection is the process of detecting and mitigating hostile surveillance; it is an important aspect of counterterrorism and security operations. Additionally, good surveillance detection provides a means to prevent an attack from happening especially using professional equipment. Spy store miami o spy shop miami

Surveillance detection can be an individual or group effort, involving a dedicated surveillance detection cadre.

Representative individuals from a synagogue or school can and should conduct their own surveillance detection by being aware of their surroundings and watching for individuals or vehicles that are out of place. Once an actual attack has start, it won’t stops. The genie won’t got back into the bottle.

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Anti-surveillance equipment in Miami Beach

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