Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Types of Safes for home and business The following article is about safes and different safe types: what type safe do you need? A home safe? A Business Safe? A fire resistant safe? Water resistant Safe? How large a safe for security. Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Safes have a variety of functions, and all of them include protection of any important documents or any other type of valuable item. Such things require protection from theft and floods, fires, or any other natural disaster. There are different types of safes, but the two main types of safes are those which are designed for business use, and those which are designed for use in the home. Can safe Miami Coral Gables .Within each of these categories, there are many more differences between safes and the type of protection they provide.

There are a few different types of business safes to choose from. A major category consists of those which provide protection against theft. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. The locks on these safes are designed to be especially secure, even from professional burglars who are able to break more simple locks. Any documents or papers which require special security due to high confidentiality can be kept in these safes, freeing business owners from unnecessary worry. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Another type of business safes protects from fire. Almost always, these have the added protection of also having very secure locks. There are different stages of protection provided by fire-resistant safes, just as there are different stages of protection with locks. An ordinary document becomes ruined at around 451°F, and most fires burn at around 1300°F. Therefore, it is obvious that papers need extra protection in case there is a fire in the office. The safes are able to keep the temperature at around 350°F for different amounts of time. They do this by releasing moisture into the safe. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. The safes provide the fire protection for either 30 minutes, 60 minutes,120 minutes or longer. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Many businesses do not handle large amounts of cash on a regular basis. However, some companies, such as restaurants, do have a lot of money in their possession each day. For these businesses, deposit safes are a necessary security measure. Usually, these safes are fixed securely to the floor, as opposed to the more mobile home safes. The protection and security provided by depository safes are reliable and convenient during the business day, but it is not recommended to keep money in them overnight. Instead the money should be brought somewhere with added security, such as a bank.  Deposit safes generally do not offer fire protection. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

The other main category of safes consists of home safes. There are only three main types of home safes; those designed for fire protection and those designed for theft protection, similar to the ones mentioned in the safe business section above and those designed for both theft and fire protection. The protection provided by fire-resistant safes can be invaluable to families. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. They are able to save family heirlooms, valuable jewelry, or items which cannot be replaced like more material possessions can. Fire resistant safes are able to protect valuables by keeping the inside of the safe at a low enough temperature to resist damage for different amounts of time, as mentioned above with business safes.  Burglar/Fire safes are designed to provide the best of both worlds with a much heavier metal door and body than a fire resistant safe. They usually have a Group II combination lock which is designed to stop a knowledgeable thief. Check for both burglar and fire ratings when purchasing one of these hybrid-safes. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Can safe Miami Coral Gables

Although fire resistant safes have secure locks on them, home safes designed for theft protection provide even greater security. There are different grades of locks. Some of the more basic lock designs found on fire resistant safes are easy for advanced burglars to pick. However, the more complicated locks provided on most theft resistant or Burglar/Fire safes are a challenge for even professional burglars. It is hoped that the thieves will be deterred by the security provided by these locks, and decide to leave the premise without taking anything valuable. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Home Safes (Residential Safes) Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

There are four basic types for the home: Fire Safes, Burglary Safes, Gun Safes, and Jewelry Safes. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Simple Fire Resistant Safes Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

If you only want to protect important documents at home, like a will, automobile titles, etc. that are very important to you, but would be of little use to a burglar, you might only need a simple fire safe. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

They are not very secure, but they are fire resistant and might protect your valuable papers in the event of a house fire. Their fire ratings are not very good (fire resistant not fireproof ) and are time limited to one hour or less. But, these entry-level safes are good for those on a strict budget.

One hint is to “not lock” it. Strange as that sounds, there is a reason for doing so. They are usually not bolted to anything and therefore can be easily taken from the home and opened elsewhere. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. If you do not lock the safe, the burglar will open it and see nothing of value to him, and hopefully, leave the safe behind.These safes provide very limited fire protection. For greater protection see the next section. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Burglary Safes (Burglar Fire Safes) Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

A burglary safe is more secure than the simple fire safe. They are heavier, and in the “safe world” heavy almost always equates to “more secure”. Steel is heavy and well-built safes are made of steel! Burglary safes are usually concealed in some manner. The three main burglary type home safes are the stand-alone safe, wall safe and the floor safe. Most of these safes are fireproof, not just fire resistant. It’s always good practice to check the fire rating before buying.

Standalone Home Safe Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

This type is heavy and usually made of steel. It can be fireproof and can be fitted with a wide array of locking devices, from key lock, to combination lock, and even all types of fancy electronic locks. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. They generally can be mounted to the floor or another surface but generally are just free standing. Their weight alone discourages removal from the premises. This versatile safe can be easily located in almost any “out of the way” place. Just make sure you have room to open the door fully! Also keep in mind that you may want to move it at some time. So, bear that in mind when buying. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Floor Safes Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

This type can actually be embedded into a concrete floor. This makes them very immune to removal. The only downside to embedding it in the floor is that it can, over time, succumb to rust, because of how it is installed. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. Ask your local locksmith about this and about what preventative measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of rust damage.

Gun Safes Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

These come in various sizes, the strength of security, fire resistance and price ranges. A gun safe is most often necessary to keep your weapons out of the hands of children. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.If that is your only concern then you need not worry yourself with fire resistance values or the use of highly secure locking mechanisms.

Of course, if you have a valuable collection, possibly even containing some guns that are irreplaceable, you need to protect them from both theft and fire. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.Talk to your locksmith about the fire resistance and fireproof ratings of the various models. The size of your collection will also help determine which model to choose. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Types of Safes: Business Safes (Commercial Safes) Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Most businesses require a much higher level of security than homeowners. They process and save documents that have tax ramifications, as well as store higher cash money on a daily basis. Various unique vault and safety issues can be very important in situations like this. Most businesses utilize an alarm system in conjunction with their money safe or vault.

Many of the home safes that we have discussed previously can and are used by businesses. But, a few are specific to business use. You may have heard of some of these safes. Here are a few: Office Safe, Drop Safe, Deposit Safe, Rotary Hopper Safe, Hotel Safe, Bank Vault, Data Safe, Media Safe.  Some of the names are a little redundant. For instance, the rotary hopper safe is a type of a deposit safe, and a media safes and a data safes can be interchangeable.

Bank Vaults Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

A bank vault is different from a conventional safe in that it is an integral part of the building that it is in. Sometimes called a strongroom, it is in fact an armored room with a heavy, close-fitting steel door and a complex locking mechanism. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Here is an interesting quote from Wikipedia about Vaults: “Historically, strongrooms were built in the basement of a bank where the ceilings were vaulted, hence the name. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.Modern bank vaults typically contain many safe deposit boxes, as well as places for teller cash drawers, and other valuable assets of the bank or its customers. They are also common in other buildings where valuables are kept such as post offices, grand hotels, rare books libraries and certain government ministries.”

Office Safes Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

Typically the office safe is a stronger version of the home safe. They are usually fireproof. Can safe Miami Coral Gables.Their fire ratings are usually much higher. In most cases, they are drop tested to verify that they will not unlock when dropped from a specified height. And the locking mechanism is usually more secure than a home safe. Most of these safes utilize an electronic lock of some kind.

Hotel Safes Can safe Miami Coral Gables.

These inexpensive safes are provided by hotels so that their lodgers can have a secure place to put their valuables during their stay. These are not really very secure, but, it beats leaving your valuables lying around. They are usually mounted to the wall with supplied bolts. Can safe Miami Coral Gables. Some have an automatic lockout in case too many consecutive incorrect attempts have been made. If the guest forgets the combination, there is a master card or key that the front desk can use to open it. These are considered low-security safes.


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