Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

When we are in danger (or someone who matters to us is in danger), half measures do not work: anything goes. A fight is never clean, nor are the techniques done the same as on the tatami. In a fight, there are clashes, struggles, grabs, unsuccessful blows. Your intensity and aggressiveness will be very important when imposing on the other. Maybe more than the technique. In addition, we do not know how far the aggressor is willing to go or what damages we can suffer. Therefore, we will act in putting ourselves in the worst. It is necessary to do justice to the popular expression “fight with nails and teeth” taken to its maximum expression, even literal. With nails, with teeth, with blunt objects and with what is needed. Can this be excessive? Yes, but it’s not worth taking risks. Female self-defense Doral Kendall.

Maybe you do not agree with this point. Many teachers recommend measuring the response to aggression to avoid later legal problems (see “Proportionality to aggression” 4 answers to 4 key questions). Female self-defense Doral Kendall. That’s fine for professionals or for other well-educated people. But if we do not have the necessary experience and preparation, this is very dangerous. Another exceptional teacher told us after a course: “I prefer that they send me tobacco (to the jail) to send me flowers (to the cemetery)”. Once a fight starts, our physical integrity and even our life may be at stake. In my opinion, aggression must be faced with a very aggressive attitude, doing everything possible to get it right. All. But there are some who think differently. Female self-defense Doral Kendall.

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

And the technique? Natural and intuitive, the rest does not work

No matter how intensive a course, the only way to learn how to defend yourself is through continued practice

On a technical level, the possibilities are very broad. But this does not mean you have to learn many techniques. With very little, one can defend against many situations. We have already indicated that there are no clean, clear fights. You cannot do elaborate techniques and perfect linkages like when you work with your partner. This training does help us with many things: it teaches us to move, to make certain gestures. These are normally natural in themselves, but in addition, the practice makes us do them instinctively, without thinking. Female self-defense Doral Kendall. Because when the time comes, you do not think. Only act. For that reason, to dominate certain blows, certain concrete techniques until the point of which it is our intuitive answer to aggression, is the objective of the training. But this training does not fit in a course, nor in a few hours of practice. Female self-defense Doral Kendall.

In summary, we can say that the most important thing when it comes to not suffering damage in aggression is to avoid it. And that there are means that we can put at different times so that it does not happen. But, in the small percentage of cases where it cannot be avoided, we will have to use aggressively and give 100% of us, knowing that a fight is always a give and take and that we must try to impose on each other with all the available resources. And if you really want to learn to defend yourself, you should look for a teacher and dedicate time and effort. A course can orient you, help you … but never prepare you. How many are really prepared?

It is important that everyone knows the basic techniques of self-defense. You never know when you will have to defend yourself or your family. Female self-defense Doral Kendall.

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

It is better to learn self-defense while studying with a qualified instructor. However, if you cannot find them or cannot afford such instructors, you can learn many basic self-defense techniques at home. Female self defense Doral Kendall.

In the personal security market, there are all kinds of products whose objective is to protect ourselves against a possible external force that is directed towards us with the objective of harming us. In this sense, the security forces and teams are equipped with all types of equipment that fulfill this function, as we will see below. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

However, before going into this type of products in more detail we would like to clarify that they are not only intended for professionals in private security or public security bodies of the State. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall. Today there are many situations that can occur in real life that require the use of this type of security items, and that is why more and more customers are not related to this sector who come to us with a concrete concern. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

For example, some people suspect that they are intercepting their mobile phone to obtain all kinds of personal information that they should not have access to, and acquire a signal inhibitor case for their mobile device. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall. In this way, no matter how hard they try to penetrate your device from outside through a spy program, your phone will be completely protected from external threats. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

There are also many people who come to us with the concern that they think they are being watched or are being followed, and that is why to make sure that this situation is occurring, they acquire anti-tracking spy glasses with which they can see what they are looking for. It happens behind you without turning your head. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall. Their secret lies in the fact that they incorporate small rear-view mirrors on the sides so that simply tilting the neck slightly will have their backs covered with any danger. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

The most requested Female self-defense

Although the above are very useful products for certain circumstances, there is a category that in our store is undoubtedly the most popular in terms of safety items: the bulletproof vests. Public and private security teams of all kinds use these vests to protect their lives should they attempt to wound them with guns or knives, and for this reason, they are essential in many dangerous situations. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

In our catalog, you will find models of bulletproof vests with type III anti-ballistic protection, which are required by security teams of both Local Police and private companies, as well as the new anti-cut gloves, which will allow you to completely protect yourself against any attack that may occur against you. you with a knife. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

Discover everything, we can offer in our shop, and if you have any questions, we will be there to assist you as soon as possible. Because of your safety matters to us. Self defense equipment Doral Kendall.

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Plan a regime that allows you to acquire a set of self-defense techniques that include standing, hitting, escapes and evasions. Boxing, Karate, Judo and Tae Kwon Do offer many elements of a personal defense regime. Among the most effective are the blows and attacks by hand in boxing and karate, while the Tae Kwon Do offers proper kicking techniques. Judo techniques work against bigger and stronger opponents. In addition, you may want to see the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, which incorporates self-defense techniques. Female self defense Doral Kendall.

Look for books or DVDs on technical instruction. You can find them often in libraries. Many libraries could even order these materials if they do not have them at hand. Martial arts stores have books and DVDs with instructions. In a martial arts store, you can also find rubber prop guns, knives, and other important training equipment. “Krav Maga: Personal Protection”, with Alain Cohen is a DVD that is worth seeing. When it comes to books, “Bruce Lee’s Fighting System, Volume 1: Self-Defense Techniques” offers many practical techniques to defend you when you face real danger. Female self defense Doral Kendall.

Clean a good space for your training area. You will need at least 10 square feet (3 M2) of space. If you are using books, train in the backyard, garage or if possible in a nearby park. It is better to train on grass or in some place with padded surface since you must plan to incorporate demolitions in your training. Female self defense Doral Kendall.

Dress comfortably, with light clothing and stretch before you start your workout. You can practice kicking, hitting and other attacks yourself. You will need a partner to train self-defense techniques such as escapes, and disarm an opponent who brings a weapon. Female self defense Doral Kendall.

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Practice with a partner at least twice a week. The strokes to the fingers, groin, knee, and throat are among the simplest and most effective self-defense techniques. In the beginning, practice them carefully and slowly. As you improve your control, you can add speed to your training. Remember, the self defense technique should be practiced regularly until it becomes an integral part of your life. Female self defense Doral Kendall.


Always perform a warm-up before carrying out any type of martial arts activity, cardiovascular is important. Being in shape can give you victory in a fight or in case of need help you run away. Female self defense Doral Kendall.


Be careful when training. Most of the techniques you will learn in kara

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

Female self-defense Doral Kendall

te, judo or other self defense systems inflict pain. When you work with a partner, stop your punches and put emphasis on control. Female self defense Doral Kendall.

Avoid the risks

  • Do not walk alone through alleys or lonely streets at night. Female self defense Doral Kendall.
  • Do not see your cell phone or iPod or use your headphones in dark and lonely places.
  • Stay in bright, public places and remain attentive and alert to everything around you.
  • If you like to go jogging in the afternoon in parks, do it preferably accompanied.
  • Always shows confidence when walking; It is proven that most attackers target women who show insecurity or little confidence in themselves. Female self defense Doral Kendall.
  • Avoid using parking lots late at night, darkness is a great advantage for potential attackers; If this is not possible for you, always carry a flashlight in your bag.
  • When you go to your car, have your keys ready -in your hands- and open your car as fast as possible. Remember that many women are attacked while they are distracted looking for them in their purses.
  • If you notice that someone is following you and you feel in danger, go to a public place with lots of people, well lit and call a friend or relative to go for you. Female self defense Doral Kendall.



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