Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida

Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida

Things to Consider When Examining Recording Software

Here are a few things to think about when looking at recording software, especially entry-level software to get started with recording.


Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida

Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida

One of the first things a musician should do when looking at software is to ensure that it is compatible with his or her computer. One should not buy Mac-compatible software for a PC, or vice versa. In addition, some pieces of recording software use a great deal of space and memory on a computer, so consumers should be sure that the hardware can handle the software.

Recording vs. Looping

People looking to record will have to make sure that the software has the functionality desired. As noted above, there are programs that are designed for specific instruments, such as a guitar or synthesizer. There are also just programs that loop and mix audio files.


For many types of dance and house music, there are no new sounds being generated. The music is based on samples and loops of sounds and other music. A certain type of production software is specifically designed for this type of composting. If a person wants to create techno or trance music, then the loop-based software may be the most appropriate.

User Friendliness

One should give recording software a good test drive to determine whether or not it is appropriate for the recording needs. Many software manufacturers provide demonstration software or allow their software to be used on a trial basis for a short time. This allows musicians to get a feel for the software and better understand the technological requirements. The software should be relatively intuitive for the user, but that means different things to different people. What may work for one person will not be as intuitive for another, which is another excellent reason why the software should be tested.


Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida

Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida

Buyers should look into the extra functionality that comes with each type of software. For example, some software provides virtual instruments to fill in for an incomplete band. One can also use a variety of effects via software to change sounds and add echoes or reverberation. Other extras include looping, mixing, and other sound effects.

Recording on a PC vs. a Mac

There are significant differences between recording music on a Windows-based PC and a Macintosh computer. The following table provides some of the benefits of each type of computer in terms of music recording:


  • Generally less expensive than Macs
  • Require the purchase of a digital audio workstation, (DAW) which makes the overall cost approximately equivalent
  • Ubiquity of the Windows environment


  • Recording software built in
  • Less likely to crash
  • The backing of a worldwide giant (Apple)

When buying a computer for recording purposes, users should ensure that the CPU can handle the labor-intensive work of recording music, the computer has enough RAM, and the hard drive is relatively large to store the music files.

Types of Recording Software

While the guide has provided some general tips above of what to look for when thinking about recording software, the next sections will examine various specific types of recording software.

Audio Multitrack Software

Audio multitrack software tends to be computer labor-intensive since it relies on PCI cards for power. This type of software does not involve MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This type of software attempts to imitate a multitrack recording and playback studio within the confines of a computer.

MIDI Sequencing Applications

The aforementioned MIDI consists of text commands that control a synthesizer. This relatively old system allows for recording and manipulating sounds without using a great deal of computer power. The system also allows the computer to playback complicated parts that would not be playable by a single person. Even the smallest sounds can be changed with MIDI sequencing applications.

Integrated MIDI and Audio

Many pieces of recording software integrate MIDI and audio aspects of previous generations of software. These programs allow for recording audio, then tweaking the sounds using the MIDI commands. Software that integrates MIDI and audio also allows for nonlinear editing, which allows for tracks and musical sections to be moved with ease. Recording software can be used to master and remaster music, then transfer the files to a CD.

Proprietary Audio Systems

Most proprietary audio systems are modular, which means that you can buy software and recording interfaces from different companies but have the recording system work together. A proprietary system, such as Pro Tools, has both hardware and software to be used with a person’s computer. The hardware of proprietary systems can be used with other software, but often works best when teamed with the intended software.

Recording music can be a lot of fun. One doesn’t even need to be musically talented to record some music (although a bit of talent never hurts). Once the sounds are stored on a computer, they can be edited so that they sound blended. This buyer’s guide has provided some tips on buying software for recording music. The guide has looked over general types of software, looked at various types of audio and MIDI recording systems, and provided tips on what to look for in terms of recording software for individual instruments. There is a great variety of types of recording software and it is worthwhile for users to test a number of different systems so they can find software that seems intuitive and works best for the type of music being recorded.

Recording Industry in Florida

The State of Florida has a long history in the motion picture industry thanks to its year‐round sunshine, moderate climate and spectacular scenery, especially cities like Coral Gables and Miami. Overall, the Film and Entertainment Industry is important to the Florida economy as a major driver of employment and personal income, attracting revenue from other states and countries to be spent locally on wages and film production services. For example, when a major studio shoots a big budget film on location, it can inject, according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), as much as $225,000 per day into that location’s economy.

Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida.

Recording Software Miami Coral Gables Florida.

The Florida Film and Entertainment Industry employs workers in every major occupational group. These include the above the line (expenditures committed prior to production) talent positions such as writers, starring actors , and directors, as well as below the line production and post‐production positions such as cast, director of photography, assistant directors, recording personnel and other crew members.

Florida already has existing production centers in North, South and Central Florida. According to the Film Florida Production Guide and InfoUSA, Florida has the following infrastructure in place:

  • Backlots 8
  • Foley Stages 7
  • Insert Studios 59
  • Virtual Studios 8
  • Warehouse Space/Raw Space 15
  • Photo Studios 78
  • Recording Studios 76
  • Sound Stages 57
  • Television Studios 44
  • Motion Picture Film Labs 2
  • Special Effects Companies 5



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