Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

There are factors that you will need to consider when choosing the best Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables:

Local Laws and Regulations of Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Not every type of self defense Equipment is legal in the state / country where you reside. Check your local laws before purchasing.

Effectiveness and Power of Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Some personal Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables are very powerful or lethal. While others simply stun or incapacitate an attacker, which is usually all you need anyway. Remember: a very powerful Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables always has the risk of severe accidental injury.

Ease of Use – Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

If you are a busy person, look for something that is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require much training. An easy to use Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables will ensure less chance of error.

Portability of Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Ideally, you want to be able to carry at least one Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables. Something that is inconspicuous and easily concealed will help you avoid attracting attention. It will also give you the element of surprise if you get caught in a dangerous situation.

Cost of Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Most Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables are very affordable.
A simple can of pepper (OC) spray will only cost you around 10$. That 10$ could mean the difference between life and death in a dangerous situation.

Types of Self-Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Categories of Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

If the grid goes down, the ability to defend oneself will be invaluable. In fact, the importance of self defense will be right up there with food and water.

Of course, a firearm is the most effective way to defend yourself from an attacker. But that might not always be possible. For example, if you find yourself in a place where firearms aren’t allowed.

Learn about the many other types of weapons you can use to defend yourself.

You can carry most of these anywhere without drawing any unwanted attention.

List of Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables


We’ll start with the most obvious weapon: the knife. Knives are everywhere. Almost everyone has at least a couple of them, whether they’re Swiss Army knives or big fixed bladed K-bars. Granted, while a K-bar or similar type knife is likely to draw attention to you. A simple folding tactical knife can be kept nicely concealed in your pocket and can be equally as effective. A knife can be even more deadly than a gun in close quarters. For self defense, opt for a durable folding knife that can be opened quickly and has a serrated blade with an ergonomic grip.

Pepper Spray 

Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Since this stuff is strong enough to be used as a defense against bears, you can bet it will be effective against any human. The inflammatory effect of pepper spray causes eyes to swell and close, making it impossible for the attacker to see anything. It’s also very cost efficient at only $10 to $15 per canister. That’s a small price to pay for a device that causes extreme irritation to the assailant’s eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

Nonetheless, pepper spray does have some serious cons. When you spray a blast onto the face of an attacker, it’s possible that some of it could get on you as well.

This is bad for people with respiratory problems. Furthermore, the chemicals in pepper spray typically can’t stand extreme hot or cold temperatures, weakening its effectiveness.

It also doesn’t work as well in the wind or rain and could backfire if there’s a strong gust of the wind in your face. While you should have pepper spray in your self defense arsenal, you’d be wise to carry an additional defensive item as well.

Stun Gun 

Many stun guns don’t look like traditional guns so they shouldn’t draw too much attention. Still, you’d be wise to keep your stun gun adequately concealed. A stun gun is not only a non-lethal self defense weapon, it’s a great alternative to pepper spray since it will even work in the wind or rain. The mere jolting sound that stun guns produce may be enough to scare away attackers. But even if it isn’t, the thousands of volts of electricity certainly will.


A cane is one of the most efficient defensive equipment on this list. It gives you plenty of reaches, hits hard, and it’s far less intimidating (at first) than a baseball bat. Select a cane that won’t break easily and has a heavy handle; hardwood canes with rubber-type handles are usually your best bet. Just remember that if you plan on using a cane for self defense, you better look like you have a limp since you’ll look very suspicious if you don’t.


An umbrella is a great alternative to the cane and can be just as deadly, but only if you use an umbrella that isn’t fragile. Many umbrellas can break easily if used in a fight, so stick to umbrellas that were build for self-defense purposes like the one in the link. It’s lightweight and made out of fiberglass that hits as hard as a steel pipe. Of course, you can only use an umbrella when it’s raining or wet outside since you’d look pretty suspicious carrying one around on a sunny day.


A belt is another ubiquitous item that can be converted into a powerful self defense weapon. For this, you’ll want a wide leather belt with a heavy metal buckle. A belt will give you plenty of reaches and the buckle can inflict a lot of damage if you swing hard enough. A belt could also be used to strangle an assailant or tie them up after you’ve apprehended them, tripling its practicality.

Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is an item that’s equally at home in your EDC as it is in your survival kit. Any pen can be used as a weapon (look no further than the Bourne films), but a tactical pen is even better. There should be at least an inch of the pen sticking out from your fist in order for it to be effective as you punch holes in your assailant.


Wait a minute, a scarf? Yes, that’s right. While the scarf is one of the most unlikely self defense weapons, it can also be one of the most fatal if you know what you’re doing. You can use a scarf as a makeshift garrote or a strangling weapon. If you’re still skeptical, keep in mind that the French Foreign Legion carry scarves as part of their equipment and have been known to use them as garrotes on tactical missions. The only downside to a scar is that they’re meant for cold weather, so you might look silly wearing one in warm weather.

Car Keys

Last but certainly not least, you can also use your car keys as a self defense weapon. Assuming your keys are non-folding (and most are), then you can use them as a push dagger. While they’re not as sharp as an actual dagger, they can still inflict some serious damage if you use them hard enough, especially if you’re pumped up with adrenaline. Better yet, you can get a keychain self defense tool like the one in the link. These are sharp enough to really hurt someone, even through their clothes.

Don’t wait anymore come and get a Self Defense Equipment Miami Beach Coral Gables

Empower yourself to defend against an attack with our vast array of self defense weapons – browse our array of self defense Equipment online to find the perfect solution to your needs.

FBI crime statistics state that one in four of us will be the victim of a violent crime. These shocking facts illustrate that violent crimes can affect anyone at any time, regardless of where they live or work. These crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, carjacking, rape, and murder. Self defense is about ending a violent attack, ideally unharmed – not about fighting and exchanging blows.



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