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Spy Miami Coral Gables

What is GPS?  Spy Miami Coral Gables

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of at least 24 satellites.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, with no subscription fees or setup charges.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  The U.S. Department of Defense (USDOD) originally put the satellites into orbit for military use, but they were made available for civilian use in the 1980s.  Spy Miami Coral Gables

Spy Miami Coral Gables

Spy Miami Coral Gables

 Spy Miami Coral Gables

What’s the signal?  Spy Miami Coral Gables

GPS satellites transmit at least 2 low-power radio signals. The signals travel by line of sight, meaning they will pass through clouds, glass and plastic but will not go through most solid objects, such as buildings and mountains.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  However, modern receivers are more sensitive and can usually track through houses.  Spy Miami Coral Gables

A GPS signal contains 3 different types of information:  Spy Miami Coral Gables

  • Pseudorandom code Spy Miami Coral Gables  is an I.D. code that identifies which satellite is transmitting information.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  You can see which satellites you are getting signals from on your device’s satellite page.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Ephemeris data Spy Miami Coral Gables  is needed to determine a satellite’s position and gives important information about the health of a satellite, current date and time.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Almanac data Spy Miami Coral Gables  tells the GPS receiver where each GPS satellite should be at any time throughout the day and shows the orbital information for that satellite and every other satellite in the system.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
Spy Miami Coral Gables

Spy Miami Coral Gables

GPS Signal Errors Sources  Spy Miami Coral Gables   Spy Miami Coral Gables

Factors that can affect GPS signal and accuracy include the following:

  • Ionosphere and troposphere delays:Satellite signals slow as they pass through the atmosphere.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  The GPS system uses a built-in model to partially correct for this type of error.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Signal multipath:The GPS signal may reflect off objects such as tall buildings or large rock surfaces before it reaches the receiver, which will increase the travel time of the signal and cause errors.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Receiver clock errors:A receiver’s built-in clock may have slight timing errors because it is less accurate than the atomic clocks on GPS satellites.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Orbital errors:The satellite’s reported location may not be accurate.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Number of satellites visible:The more satellites a GPS receiver can “see,” the better the accuracy. When a signal is blocked, you may get position errors or possibly no position reading at all.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  GPS units typically will not work underwater or underground, but new high-sensitivity receivers are able to track some signals when inside buildings or under tree-cover.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Satellite geometry/shading:Satellite signals are more effective when satellites are located at wide angles relative to each other, rather than in a line or tight grouping.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
  • Selective availability:The U.S. Department of Defense once applied Selective Availability (SA) to satellites, making signals less accurate in order to keep ‘enemies’ from using highly accurate GPS signals.  Spy Miami Coral Gables  The government turned off SA in May of 2000, which improved the accuracy of civilian GPS receivers.  Spy Miami Coral Gables
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