Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

What is the security of the boxes based on?  Domestic safes are divided into two major categories: superimposed and recessed. The overlapped ones are anchored by means of screws in the base and sides of the box, while the flush-mounted ones are inserted in the wall. Although the latter requires more effort in their placement, camouflage better and being covered by the walls of the house, better resist an attack. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

The boxes of domestic use, to the absence of any regulation on them, have a variation in door thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 15 mm with reinforcement of manganese steel sheet. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Regarding the opening systems, this kind of boxes can have the following:

– Only key. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

– Key + mechanical combination. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

– Key + electronic combination. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

– Motorized electronic combination. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

A security safe, how should it be?

The main characteristic that a security safe must have is that it must have a security compartment, from the physical resistance approach, against violent attacks and of course it must have a locking system designed so that its opening is very difficult to wrestle or open to unauthorized persons. It is essential that your unlocking is very safe to be able to store valuables with great confidence. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Although currently a large part of the safes are opened using a digital keyboard we are used, especially thanks to the cinema, to see those safes that are unlocked with a small rotating dial. In appearance, the operation is simple, turn the dial by stopping it successively in the appropriate numbers and the door of the box will open.

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

The internal mechanics, however, is somewhat more complex. The mechanism is composed of three small rings, each with an indented indentation, and a bar at the top that is the one that blocks the lock of the box. As the notch of each of the discs is allocated with a specific position on the rotary dial, when the dial is stopped on each position the discs are blocked, eventually allowing the bar to go down and we can access the interior. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

That is the reason why it is common to see in movies how the protagonist tries to find out the code using a stethoscope. In older models, it was possible to reach the final combination by turning the dial and paying attention to the small “click” that the discs emitted each time they mesh with the upper bar.

The general use of safes is the protection, mainly of personal objects with an intimate and own value. The question is who should protect us, whether from curious visitors or internal staff, an opportunist thief or expert, a robbery, a robbery or a theft. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Therefore it is convenient to make use of a safe, either for the home or for your business. The security of the same must be extreme, in the case of not being able to open it or not remember the code, do not hesitate to contact a professional. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Learn about the main characteristics of safes as a safeguard method

The safes are of vital importance since they allow to safeguard valuables inside them like Jewels, money or documents. Although they are necessary, sometimes problems can arise to open them, for this reason, remodelació recommends resorting to the locksmith in Seville, so you can solve the problem. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


The first answer is obvious: whatever you want. There is nothing written about what has to go in a small safe. However, we are going to make a small list with 9 things that you may want to keep in small safes. The list does not follow any kind of order since the value of things is a subjective concept. Many times, the emotional charge that is placed on a certain object may be greater than money or the most luxurious jewel. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


Let’s start this list with objects that have an economic value. Although, in the case of jewelry, that value can be a mixture of the economic and the sentimental. It is possible that a jewel has a very large economic value and at the same time, because of the origin of it, has an even greater sentimental load. The combination of both makes you not want to have it within reach of anyone who can enter your home. And the small safes are ideal to give them shelter. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables


Here if that is value is purely economic. If you have a check to collect, what better place to keep it than one of these safes. There you can have it safe while you charge it. Surely it is the most pragmatic function that can be given to a small safe that you have decided to install in your home. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


We leave aside the economic aspect of the usefulness of small safes and we begin to analyze the purely sentimental issues. Who does not have an amulet that he trusts to give him luck in his future? Whether for exams, for job interviews, when making decisions … Amulets are objects that vary in size. But except for amulets of exceptional size, the boxes we are analyzing here are the most appropriate to keep these lucky objects. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Tickets for an event

There is an event that you do not want to miss and for that, you get the ticket well in advance of the scheduled date. Concerts, art exhibitions, football matches, movies, plays … there are many possibilities to buy tickets in advance. It is also possible that it is a gift of birthday, anniversary, etc., which makes it even more important to keep it without giving an opportunity to lose it. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Small safes are ideal for keeping these entrances. Because it is very common to decide to carry them in the wallet thinking “so I always carry it with me and it is not lost”. But do not count on it is possible to lose the wallet with everything inside … including the ticket. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

One testament

Every person comes a moment in the life in which he makes a will. You want to be sure that if something bad happens, your loved ones will receive in a legal way and without any problem those possessions that you have left in your will. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

As it is a paper that normally will have to be kept for many years, using a safe for it is a guarantee that neither will be lost nor will anyone outside your will be able to read it. You may even want to hide it from some of your loved ones to avoid unnecessary conflicts. The reasons are something purely personal. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


We live in a world in which letters are no longer written by hand. That is why it is very possible that you want to keep as treasures that are some of the cards that you can have in your power. Or, even save that you have written and want to deliver to someone you love at a special time in your life. In any case, having small safes is a great idea to keep these cards. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

As with cards, it is very possible that you have physical photographs that you do not want to lose for anything in the world. In the digital age, in which anyone can make the number of photos they want per day thanks to the cameras of smartphones (whose quality every day is more amazing), have a picture that can be played is increasingly complicated. And like the letters, it is very possible that you have a photo that evokes unforgettable memories. With these safes, you can keep them and know that you have the photo at your disposal at any time. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

A memory you never want to miss

There are objects that you have saved that do not seem to have much value but that, however, are worth more to you than all the gold on the planet. They are objects whose nature can be of the most varied and that, within what can be covered in a certain size, you may want to save in a safe that we are talking about in this post. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

A book

We are in the same case (or similar) as when talking about letters and photographs. If you have a favorite book, which you do not want to let go of and you do not want it to be in sight in case you fly, putting it in a safe will rest more securely. It does not have to be a gift, it can simply be a book that you have read and marked; or that means a lot to you for a personal reason. As in many of the above situations, these are personal decisions. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Useful tips for correctly installing a safe

Whenever possible, it is preferable to embed the safe. Let us not forget that a more or less precise installation in the wall can facilitate attacks by thieves against safes or, on the contrary, counteract them effectively. Let’s see five simple rules for embedding our safe on the wall maximizing security. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


The first rule is that the fewer people know there is a safe in the house, where it is and how it is made, so much the better. For this reason, if it is a new construction, it is always a good practice to avoid embedding the safe during the works, when there are a large number of people outside the home going around. Therefore, the installation must be done at a later time and always by a person of trust. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.


Forcing – and also upsetting – a safe is much more difficult the higher it is installed because handling the trapping tools becomes more complex and arduous. An excellent location is at eye level since it is very comfortable for those who use it but uncomfortable for potential thieves. Having to raise the mallet from the bottom up to hit the safe is much more tiring and less effective than hitting it by making it fall up and down on the door. In this video, we can see a clear example of how it is relatively easy to force a built-in safe in a low position. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Where to locate the safe

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

Book safes Miami Coral Gables

To effectively maneuver the mallet or the goat-foot and make the most of the leverage effect, space is required. If the safe can be placed in a corner and/or in a very narrow corridor, things are much more complicated for those who want to force it. For example, if the side of the door with the hinges is near a corner, there is no physical space needed to pry. Similarly, if between the safe and the opposite wall there are less than 2 meters, it is not possible to apply much force to the deck because the necessary radius of action is missing (the 5 kg decks generally have handles of 70-90 cm). Book safes Miami Coral Gables.

Finally, obvious locations should be avoided, such as behind a table in the dining room or bedroom, as well as the usual practice of installing the safe inside cabinets. Undoubtedly, it is better to choose narrower places, such as the stairwell or the cellar.


Buying a quality safe to protect the goods is not enough if then some precautions are not taken during the installation. Go to a professional of the trade who is not only an expert in embedding the safe but also in keeping the secret. Book safes Miami Coral Gables.



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