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BUY HIDDEN CAMERA DETECTOR Whether it’s through a camera hidden in a dressing room, public bathroom or rental apartment, being watched by a stranger strikes fear in any woman. And it’s not just paranoia. There are real stories about people who have been attacked, hurt and even killed after being recorded by a stranger, that’s one of the reasons we should be aware about spy devices; where to look at when we come in a new room and how we can protect our loved ones.

Cameras can be hidden in smoke detectors, wall outlets, pens clocks and so, and they aren’t easy to spot with bared eye. That doesn’t mean you can’t detect them, though. Any hidden camera’s sensor—whether it’s on or off—will reflect back light. So the key is to illuminate the sensor. The best detectors are standalone devices, but even your smartphone’s camera can help you spot the telltale glint of the hidden camera’s sensor. Always make sure an expert is with you, a real security advisor  because there are some people who call themselves “advisor” but those are experts on faking, stealing and they are going to mislead you.

Here we share some tips with you about what devices you can use, where to put them, where you can buy a camera detector and where to find security advisors.



For small spaces like dressing rooms and bathrooms, try the Brickhouse a Mini Hidden Camera Detector. If you’ll be looking for cameras at a distance of more 10 feet away, you’ll need to step up to the Wire and Wireless Camera Detector. It constantly scans for RF transmitters within 10 meters which indicate a wireless camera or listening device is in range, it does not take too much time.

To use a camera detector, you simply look through the device’s lens and press a button to start emitting flashes of red light. The light reflects off any hidden camera’s sensor, appearing as steady flares of red.

The detectors are easy to use, but unless you have the right angle, you won’t see the telltale flare. So do a visual scan for objects and spaces that could potentially hide cameras and concentrate on those. Some security advisors say they’re commonly found in vents and in spaces along the floor, as well as in objects like smoke detectors and air fresheners. Since the detectors rely on light being reflected off the sensor, they won’t work if a camera is hidden behind a highly reflective surface, like a mirror.

Are you wondering about smartphone apps? You’re right, there are some options and cheaper!

If you are looking for a cheaper option, there are apps available that turn your smartphone into a makeshift hidden camera detector. For Android phones, there’s Glint Finder and for iPhones you can pick up Hidden Camera Detector . Most of those apps are available on GooglePlay and on iTunes. They work on the same principle as the professional detectors using your phone’s flash to look for the glint off of the lenses of hidden cameras and show you the location on your screen. However, you won’t get the advantage of the RF transmitter notification that the detector utilizes.

So while no solution is perfect, you can take steps to minimize your risks.

If you are in Miami or close to, in Spy World Miami we offer you different spy products, also we have security advisors who are concerned as much as you about your and your loved ones privacy. Here at Spy World Miami you will find the best technical expertise; we are always working on high-tech devices made especially for your needs. Do not hesitate about contacting us!



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