Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Differences between applications and mobile web The applications share the screen of the phone with the mobile webs, but while the first ones have to be downloaded and installed before using, a web can be accessed simply using the Internet and a browser; however, not all can be viewed correctly from a screen that is generally smaller than that of a desktop computer. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Those that are specially adapted to a mobile device are called “responsive webs” and are an example of liquid design since you can think of them as a content that takes the shape of the container, showing the information as necessary. Thus, entire columns, blocks of text and graphics of a web, can be accommodated in the space in a different way – or even disappear – according to whether it is entered from a telephone, a tablet or a computer. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Those who already have a “responsive web” can consider the need to design an application, but the answer to whether or not this is necessary depends on understanding both the business objectives and the characteristics that differentiate the applications from the webs. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

For example, applications can be viewed even when they are without an Internet connection, they can also access certain phone hardware features -such as sensors-, which are currently out of reach of the websites. Therefore, it can be said that an application offers a better user experience, avoiding excessive waiting times and achieving a more fluid navigation between the contents.

You do not always have to choose between one and the other. Webs and applications are not competitors, rather, they can complement each other; For example, a website can be useful as an information channel to motivate the download of the application. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Tips for the Design of Mobile Applications

The mobile has quickly become one of the most popular communication devices in the digital age and, as such, can provide a powerful channel for dialogue and interaction with our public or customers. The purpose of this post is to offer some simple tips to help you get started in the design of mobile applications.

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

For example:

Screen size and proportions: moving from the desktop to the mobile means much less screen space and much more variety in the proportions of the screen Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Direct interaction with the screen: unlike the desktop environment, users interact directly with the screen instead of using a mouse and a keyboard, which establishes an immediate conflict of the use of the screen Business app development, companies Miami Coral Gables.

Variable targeting: mobile devices allow quick orientation switching Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

A single screen: even with smartphones that allow users to run multiple applications or simultaneously maintain several browser windows, the results are displayed on a single screen set to interact, suggesting that we have to focus on creating the experiences in a single screen. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Limited interaction: there are no rollovers or tooltips, so the actions must be obvious and in turn, the user correctly interprets the possible errors. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Use of established standards for devices: even if the market matures, it is advisable to use the consistent user interface patterns that exist (for example the back button in the upper left), if we do not choose the standards we must ensure that we use it for concrete and correct reasons. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Limited resources: while smartphones are advancing by leaps and bounds, there is still a limitation in connection quality, battery life, processor power; an internal memory … Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Keep the context of the user in mind. Where are they? What is appropriate for that environment?

Provide visual feedback, always. Many times the user is left wondering if the action he has performed has worked. Always confirm the action performed immediately with some visual feedback.

And finally, for the visual design of the application, we must take into account a series of recommendations that I have structured into seven sections. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables


With a desktop application, we can be sure that it is being used in a particular environment. With the mobile, it is impossible, therefore:

  • We must know the users. Who are they? What do we know? What kind of behavior can we assume or predict about users? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.
  • What is happening to them what are the circumstances in which the user will better absorb the content to be presented? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.
  • When will they interact? Are they home and have time? Are they at work where they have short periods of time? Waiting for a train? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.
  • Where are the users, are they in a public or private space? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.
  • Why are you going to use our application? What value do you get from the contents or services in your current situation? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.
  • How are you using your mobile, do you keep it in your hand or in your pocket? On or off? In vertical or horizontal format? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.


Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

The message we want to convey is fundamental. Through visual design, we explicitly create the mental message that we want to generate to the user. How someone reacts to our design and what is their impression. Therefore we have to ask ourselves what we are trying to say visually in our application. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Look & feel

It is used to describe the appearance. It works both for “I want a clean look” or “I want a wearable look.” Users are deeply concerned about the appearance of their applications because they are personal things. The sense of belonging is stronger than when it comes to desktop applications.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide the elements of an interface when we make the prototype of the app. One way to help decide a consistent design is to take advantage of contrasted design patterns. In this case, there are a lot of interesting resources that can help us. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.


The definition of the structures is fundamental in a mobile project to create a consistent and usable experience. One of the most important differences to take into account in the design for a mobile app is that users have to see not only the screen but also interact with it.

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Thanks to the layout, the user will process the page visually. As the mobile landscape progresses, we have to be ready with the designs so that they adapt to the size of each new device as well as its orientations. Still, it can be very difficult to create the best possible experience in different screen sizes. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.


It is one of the most common obstacles we encounter when we design on different screens. When we perform complex designs that are displayed on different mobile devices, the limited color depth in a device can cause unwanted effects. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

Color is becoming an increasingly popular way for applications to stand out from the competition. The first wave of applications created has often imitated the native applications of Apple iOS. However, what we are seeing more is a change towards bolder designs with the use of primary and degraded colors. As well as matte finishes. Having strong colors in an app can create emotional responses from users, sometimes, considering it a more memorable application.

If you want to know how to choose a color correctly you can check the post I posted a while ago, it can be very helpful. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.


Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

As mobile applications evolve, designers are increasingly moving away from using standard system fonts and using more specific fonts. Many of the features of typography design in mobile applications come from the web. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

The 5 Essential Questions Before Creating a Mobile APP

The sale of mobile devices continues unstoppable. More and more entrepreneurs are looking for freelance developers who can transform their ideas into applications for iPhone and Android. Creating a mobile APP begins to become essential for small businesses and startups to adapt to what society demands, and can give immediate answers to their customers. But success in this business is not assured, it takes more than a great idea to create an APP that gives you benefits. In fact, many ideas that could have become large applications, are left by the way because of a poor definition of the project, or a wrong approach to the initial objectives.

For all this, we have described the eight essential questions that every entrepreneur must ask himself, before entering the exciting world of the creation of iOS and Android applications. If you are able to answer all the questions clearly, you will only need to transmit them through this form to the best freelance developers, and … your idea will come true with many chances of success!

  1. What are your motivations to create an APP?
Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

You have to be able to describe in a few words what has motivated you or driven you to make the decision to create an APP. Wanting money or greater recognition for your business are good reasons, but not enough. You need to have a passion and a clear vision of what your APP is going to do and the problem that will solve your potential customers. And that passion must be strong enough to withstand the ups and downs that you can have in the development of the business and the challenges of any entrepreneur. Are you convinced that your reasons are enough? Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

  1. When you share your idea with others, does anyone want to be part of it?

When you begin to share and explain in your environment an idea that you consider impressive, does anyone want to join as a founder? Does anyone intend to invest money, time or talent to carry out the project? Although this collaboration will never happen, it is important to check if people are willing to help you in exchange only to see that business idea grow. Although it seems absurd, it could be a clear signal of the quality of your future APP. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

  1. When you talk about your APP is curiosity or some response generated?
Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

Custom app design Miami Coral Gables

It is not that you write a whole sheet describing your idea. On the contrary, you have to be able to explain in just a couple of lines what your goal is. If with those few words you generate a minimum of curiosity on the part of who is listening to you, you are on the right track. It’s about selling your idea, getting people’s attention. Keep in mind that in the world of mobile applications all the conversation that is created is online, so if you are not able to impress in real life, you will find it much more difficult to do it online.

Listening to first impressions will also help you to be more prepared for future criticism. In addition, no matter how simple the external opinions may seem, having them in mind before creating your APP can save you a lot of money. Try using the reviews to redefine the objectives and features of your application. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

  1. How much money do you have to create your APP?

First of all, include in your budget the promotion and marketing actions of your APP. When we talk about the work of a good freelance developer, the cost per hour to create an APP is quite high compared to other projects. In any case, it is also very complicated to talk about fixed prices when it comes to mobile applications. The cost of an app depends on many factors. If you have clear objectives, your income model and your expectations, the idea is to bet on a complete application, without fear of investing too much. It is advisable to make a good financial plan before starting the development of your APP, especially if your intention is to present the idea to investors. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.

  1. Why will your application be special?

Between Apple’s App Store and Google Play, there are millions of applications that you will have to compete with. In a market that keeps growing, what will make your APP stand out? You need to have a clear idea of ​​your differentiating elements, what will the user experience be like? What will be your target market and your competition? It is essential that, in the case that they already exist, show the freelance developer what applications you have taken as a reference to build yours. The professional can contribute his point of view when creating something different. Custom app design Miami Coral Gables.



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