Diversion safe Miami Beach Coral Gables

Diversion safe Miami Beach Coral Gables

Description: Live a safe diversion having self-defense gadgets that we offer at Spy World Miami for your security. Come and visit us or call us for free advice 305-542-4600. Diversion safe

Diversion safe Miami Beach Coral Gables

Diversion safe Miami Beach Coral Gables

To have a safe diversion in Miami Beach and Coral Gables nowadays that the high rates of delinquency are a reality, is hard but not impossible; we are always in danger, many cases of kidnapping, theft, and carjacking have been reported this year; but you do not need to leave the diversion that takes out the daily stress of the work. We can tell you that is dangerous to go alone to diversion places, but there are some tips that you can take in order to have a safe diversion in Miami Beach and Coral Gables; and here at Spy World Miami, we tell you the best options for that. The first you will need are self-defense gadgets, so if you get attacked, you will have the way to fight back and get time to run away or call the authorities.Diversion safe

A self-defense gadget is a device used to avoid or fight back dangerous situations that are getting common nowadays. A self-defense gear in Miami Beach Coral Gables is something that is inconspicuous and easily concealed will help you avoid attracting attention. It will also give you the element of surprise if you get caught in a dangerous situation. Most Self-defense gears in Miami Beach Coral Gables are very affordable and here at Spy World Miami, we have all that you need, with first class products made especially for you with the best deals that will be adapted to your budget; you can visit us in Miami or call our team of experts 305-542-4600 and they will give you all the information and solve all the doubts you have.

Types of self-defense gadgets for safe diversion in Miami Beach and Coral Gables

There are many different types of self-defense gadgets, and each one has different features and characteristics that make them very useful in certain circumstances. At Spy World Miami we have the best self-defense gears and we can tell you how they work and the best moment to use them; because we have more than thirty years of experience in the world of the security and surveillance. Here are some of the most important self-defense gadgets for safe diversion:

  • Self-defense Knife
Diversion safe Miami Beach Coral Gables

Diversion safe Miami Beach Coral Gables

The self-defense knife is one of the most used personal weapons for security and surveillance after the firearms. Almost everyone has at least a couple of them, whether they’re Swiss Army knives or big bladed knives, they can help you getting out of trouble in dangerous situations; so if you have to walk alone at night this is a good option to carry with. But you will not just carry the self-defense knife, you have to know how to use it correctly because you are carrying a dangerous weapon, that is why people does not like to carry it; they prefer other options like the following. Diversion safe

  • Anti-kidnapping device

An anti-kidnapping device is a tool with a GPS tracker by which we can locate a person and get the exact position and geographic information; goo in the case of emergency, you can be sure that you can be tracked in case of problems. If you are having diversion safe and get in trouble; the device will have a panic button, which you can press and your relatives will receive and emergency message with your position in order to find you quickly with the help of the authorities. This is a really good option to have a safe diversion; because you will be sure that someone has your position and you get a strange route they will notice and act immediately.

  • Belts

A belt is another self-defense gear in Miami Beach Coral Gables that can be converted into a powerful weapon. For this, you’ll want a wide leather belt with a heavy metal buckle. A belt will give you plenty of reaches and the buckle can inflict a lot of damage if you swing hard enough. A belt could also be used to strangle an assailant or tie them up after you’ve apprehended them, tripling its practicality.

  • Pepper spray

Since this stuff is strong enough to be used as a defense against bears, you can bet it will be effective against any human because it will neutralize the person that is attacking you, so you can easily escape or run away; making it a really useful self-defense gear in Miami Beach and Coral Gables. The inflammatory effect of pepper spray causes eyes to swell and close, making it impossible for the attacker to see anything. It’s also many costs efficient because you do not need to expend much money on them, so that is a small price to pay for a device that causes extreme irritation to the assailant’s eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Diversion safe

Nonetheless, pepper spray does have some serious cons. When you spray a blast onto the face of an attacker, it’s possible that some of it could get on you as well, so is important to have another self-defense gear. This is bad for people with respiratory problems. Furthermore, the chemicals in pepper spray typically can’t stand extreme hot or cold temperatures, weakening its effectiveness. It also doesn’t work as well in the wind or rain and could backfire if there’s a strong gust of the wind in your face. While you should have pepper spray in your self-defense gear storage, you’d be wise to carry an additional defensive item as well.

  • Voice recorder

The personal voice recorder can work as a self-defense gadget; because the attackers will not know that everything is being recorded and you will have an evidence of all what happens to you, giving you the chance to go with the authorities. The voice recorder is a tiny device that you can install virtually anywhere; so you can have it on your clothes, your bag, or any object you have, even the pens are a good option to install a voice recorder; this can give you the option to have a safe diversion because you will be always monitored in case of trouble.

Here at Spy World Miami, we have the best quality voice recorders; that will skip the unwanted noise in the background of the sound clip, giving you a high quality clip. Remember that we have the hidden voice recorder installation service; our experts will install the recorders in any object you want, so you will have the perfect device for your needs.

  • Bullet-proof vest

Soft vests are made from many layers of woven or laminated fibers and can protect the wearer from a small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, and small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades. The bullet proof vest is more sophisticated form of self-defense; due to the high costs and because they are so obvious; but in some cases is good to have one because it is an armor that helps absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the body from firearm-fired projectiles- and shrapnel from explosions, and is worn on the torso; letting you get a safe diversion. Diversion safe

  • Security canes

A security cane is a good self-defense gear that you can carry anywhere; with this tool, you can reply quickly any strange movement made by a potential attacker. This self-defense gear in Miami Beach Coral Gables is one of the best efficient defensive equipment on this list. It gives you plenty of reaches, hits hard, and it’s far less intimidating (at first) than a baseball bat. Select a cane that won’t break easily and has a heavy handle; hardwood canes with rubber-type handles are usually your best bet. Just remember that if you plan on using a cane for self-defense, you better look like you have a limp since you’ll look very suspicious if you don’t.

These are just some of the security devices that you will find at Spy World Miami; remember that we have a universe of options waiting for you in order to have a safe diversion and you will feel with these gadgets that you are safe; knowing that you have the possibility to fight back any dangerous situation. Diversion safe

  • Hidden wearable cameras

Undercover investigators, police officers, private detectives, and citizen can all benefit from a wearable spy camera system. You can also add audio to the Wearable hidden cameras Miami Beach Coral Gables to have a good security system for you. Wearable hidden cameras Miami Beach Coral Gables are self-defense gears made for you to record all that is happening around you; this is a great method for security and surveillance of the people.

Capturing covert video is easier nowadays. With wearable hidden cameras, you can have video evidence of everything. Wearable hidden cameras Miami Beach Coral Gables provide covert surveillance on Hidden Wireless cameras inside an everyday wearable object like a hats, ties, pens or glasses. Our Body Worn Hidden Spy Cameras are easy to set up and provide high quality images so you can see clear videos.

  • Stun Gun

A stun gun is not only a no lethal self-defense weapon; it’s a great alternative to pepper spray since it will even work in the wind or rain. The mere jolting sound that stun guns produce may be enough to scare away attackers. But even if it isn’t, the thousands of volts of electricity certainly will. The stun gun is a self-defense gear in Miami Beach Coral Gables that does not look like traditional guns so they shouldn’t draw too much attention. Still, you’d be wise to keep your stun gun adequately concealed. Diversion safe

  • Electroshock weapon

An electroshock weapon is another self-defense gear that consists in an incapacitating weapon. It delivers an electric shock aimed at temporarily disrupting muscle functions and/or inflicting pain without causing significant injury. You can find many types of these gears, Stun guns, batons, and belts administer an electric shock by direct contact, whereas Tasers, fire projectiles that administer the shock through thin flexible wires. Long-range electroshock projectiles, which can be fired from ordinary shotguns and do not need the wires, have also been developed. Diversion safe

11 Tips to have a safe diversion in Miami Beach and Coral Gables

Here we will give you some tips that are very important to follow in order to have a safe diversion in Miami Beach and Coral Gables, in order to avoid dangerous situations and get the security you need if you have to walk at night or you are alone late in the night:

  • Try not to be alone: if you are going to a party or something like that; and you have to walk back home late, the best you can do is to go with friends or a trusty person that live near, so you will have company, and the attackers usually look for people walking alone; giving you a big chance to avoid any form of delinquency. Diversion safe
  • Look always for weak points: depending on your attacker (if is a woman or man), you can hit weak points to get a higher damage and immobilize them; but remember that the attacker will also try to get your weak parts, so, this advice is also focused on you; cover those parts to avoid that damage that can make you lose and you can get caught.
  • Get some self-defense classes: you do not need to be an expert in karate or taekwondo to know some self-defense moves that can literally save your life; you just need some classes where you will learn the best way to move or act at the time of an attack.
  • Try not to look like a victim: the best you can do is being self-confident, walk without watching the floor, looking like a strong person; this can help you avoiding the problems, because; as we told you before, the attackers are always looking for weak people. Diversion safe
  • Prepare yourself mentally: one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is being afraid; we know that there are some situations that are not comfortable for you, but you need to keep calm and think what is happening in order to get the best way to escape or fight back. When you get afraid, you act slowly or you simply do not act, getting shocked and losing precious time.
  • Do not try to win: if you hit your attacker, try not to keep doing it; it will not give you a price, the best you can do is to use that time owned to escape or call for strengthening. Diversion safe
  • Get self-defense gadgets: as we have told you, one of the best ways to avoid this kind of problems and fight back if you get into one; is having self-defense gadgets like the devices we gave you the review before; and the best way to have your own security system is mixing at least two of them; for example; to fight back is good to have a tazer, but mixing it with a voice recorder you can fight back and get all the evidence you need in order to go with the authorities.
  • Get back quickly: most of the times, the attackers will make the first move to surprise you; and you probably will get a hit; you should not stay on the floor; get back up quick to fight back and avoid next hits.
  • Look where you are parking your cars: if you have to go always to your work by car, try to change the parking lot always because there are burglars that focus on car lots and if you make every day the same routine, they will have an easy job.
  • Study your possibilities: if you get attacked, the first thing you should think is the possibilities that you have to fight back; for example, if you have a tazer or a stun device, you should keep the distance and attack; but if you just have security devices like GPS trackers or hidden cameras, the best you can do is to get closer to the attacker, so he/she will not be able to hit you easily and you can control the movements.
  • Do not feel like an actor: this is not a movie, this is the real life, so do not make dumb moves trying to make the role of an action actor; make always basic and fast moves.

Spy World Miami

We have security and counter surveillance products perfect for you, and we can help you choosing the best for your needs from our latest range displayed for you. At Spy World Miami, we will always look for the best solution for your problems, with first class products that will cover all your needs, like the self-defense gears. We are proud to say that we have been working since 1986 with our sophisticated products, with which we help you protecting your properties and your loved ones from any suspicious activity. Diversion safe

Spy World Miami is a spy shop near Miami Beach and Coral Gables that has been working for more than thirty years to satisfy the needs of security and surveillance of people, with our self-defense gears like Hidden Wifi cameras, GPS trackers, RF detectors, tiny recorders and more. We have always offered first quality products with the best deals for the satisfaction of our customers, and always with the first class service from our team of experts. Diversion safe

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Spy World Miami always has the latest generation devices if you need to protect your kids and your family, do not hesitate to come with us, call us to the number 305-542-4600 and ask for our different tracking devices, we have equipment for your car and many other devices that adapt to your needs. At Spy World Miami you get the self-defense gear for safe diversion for you in Miami Beach Coral Gables with the installation included. The installation of the devices need from real experts and in our Spy Shop you have them, you can get our services in Miami Beach, Coral Gables and all over Miami.

We work all over Miami including many places like Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and many other places. We will give you all the support at the time of choosing, purchasing and installing the best self-defense gears in Miami Beach Coral Gables. Looking for first class self-defense gears for safe diversion near Miami Beach or Coral Gables? You do not have to look for anymore because here at Spy World Miami in Coral Gables we have devices made especially for you and we can include GPS installation service. Diversion safe



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